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26/04/2024 | Customer day & 30 years of PROVITEC

Join us to celebrate our customer day & 30 years of PROVITEC

We will be opening our doors on 12 July 2024 and look forward to welcoming you!

Exciting presentations from B&R, Beckhoff, Micro-Epsilon and IDS await us again this year. In addition, informative presentations will be held on the latest technological innovations in the field of automation in cooperation with our system partners.

As we are celebrating our 30th anniversary this year, we will also take the opportunity to include some special highlights as part of the day: there will be a delicious buffet by Edgar Rauer as well as a dazzling magic show.

Enzo Paolo, the German vice-champion in close-up magic and multiple world record holder in the Guinness Book of Records, will be our guest. Prepare to be mesmerised by his extraordinary card tricks and illusions.

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We look forward to seeing you there.

01/03/2024 | System partnership with Beckhoff Automation

In system partnership with Beckhoff Automation

Since 1 March 2024, PROVITEC has a new system partner on board: Beckhoff Automation.

Component manufacturer Beckhoff Automation specialises in open automation systems founded on PC-based control technology. Established in 1980, the company offers entire product lines in combination or as individual components, primarily in the areas of industrial PCs, I/O and fieldbus components, drive technology, automation software, automation without control cabinets, and hardware for industrial image processing.

Operating under the tag line “New Automation Technology”, Beckhoff manufactures universal and industry-independent control and automation solutions, which are used worldwide in a wide variety of applications.

“We are particularly impressed by Beckhoff’s high level of expertise in machine construction. It will enable us to manage and deliver our projects with an even clearer focus on targets and efficiency. We look forward to long lasting, future-oriented collaboration.”
Robert Endress, MD Provitec GmbH

01/12/2023 | System partnership with Micro-Epsilon

System partnership with Micro-Epsilon

In order to be able to offer our customers high-quality application solutions and on-site service, we are working closely with our new partner Micro-Epsilon.

Micro-Epsilon is the world’s leading supplier of high-precision displacement sensors, infrared temperature sensors, colour sensors, dimensional measuring devices and systems for industrial applications.
This enables us to expand our solution competence and the range of products and services we offer.

As a result, we can refine our own products and solutions to match our customers’ needs more closely.

“The scanControl and surfaceControl measurement systems from Micro-Epsilon provide us with very high-resolution 3D point clouds, which are then analysed and stored in the PRODAISI® database. These allow us to track high-precision components. The sensors from Micro-Epsilon are now standard in our testing systems.”
Robert Endress, MD Provitec GmbH

07/08/2023 | prodaisi® - color sensor system for measuring liquid paint colours

prodaisi® – color sensor system for measuring liquid paint colours

  • Use in the laboratory and inline
  • Measuring accuracy at colour value resolution ΔE 0.08
  • Measurement spot with 3×2, 5 or 9 mm
  • Total axis stroke > 300 mm
  • Simple intuitive operation
  • Recipe management > 10,000
  • Data export
  • Connection to higher-level system via MQTT / OPCUA
  • Positioning accuracy at a distance of < 50 µm
  • Adjustable start position depending on container size

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01/12/2022 | Non-contact measurement technology

Berührungslose MesstechnikBerührungslose MesstechnikBerührungslose MesstechnikBerührungslose MesstechnikNon-contact measurement technology

With non-contact measurement technology, any type of individual part measurement, any type of mass measurement at high speeds, end-of-line measurement up to 100 %, in-line measurement up to 100 % and any other dimension can be measured.
As a production control and production management system, PRODAISI® offers all the necessary functions for transparent, end-to-end manufacturing and consistently high product quality standards.
On the assembly line, the current manufacturing and quality data from the individual machines and workstations are recorded directly in PRODAISI®. PRODAISI® optimises your production by collecting & archiving data, displaying & analysing data, editing & documenting data, and by controlling the entire system.

Non-contact measurement technology is used everywhere in industry. For example, in the fields of robotics, automation, the glass industry, aerospace, foundries, medical technology and pharmaceuticals, the automotive industry, metalworking and precision mechanics.

21/06/2021 | The new push palletiser

A further building block for automation

The PROVITEC push palletiser is ideal for stacking crates or cardboard boxes. It achieves acceleration of up to 3 m/s2.

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24/05/2021 | PROVITEC builds innovative packing station

Solutions for complete automation are moving forwards

The compact design of our packing station allows you to sustainably optimise your process, even where space is tight. Gripper systems can also be flexibly adapted and changed.

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14/04/2021 | System partnership with WAGO

System partnership with WAGO

The Solution Provider Agreement unites Provitec and WAGO in a partnership-based business relationship, on the basis of which a WAGO Solution Provider Partnership was established.

WAGO has always seen itself as a reliable partner to industry and is aware of the great responsibility it bears as a leading supplier in the field of electrical interconnection and automation technology. Data and energy flows are part of the digital world’s infrastructure. WAGO products are able to sustainably ensure the functionality of this fundamental principle.
It is our stated objective to deepen and expand this partnership. We want our customers to benefit from our mutual exchange of information about changes, innovations and trends in the market.

Both parties constantly endeavour to develop new and innovative products in order to strengthen the Solution Provider Partnership and to always be able to offer competitive products and services that meet market needs.

“One of our most important goals is a truly active, vibrant partnership.”
Robert Endress, MD Provitec GmbH

About the WAGO partnership

31/03/2021 | PROVITEC offers standard automation systems

Suitable solutions for process automation

With very effective, space saving systems for packaging and palletising, we offer our customers productive solutions. Our special machines with the latest drive technology make optimum use of the available installation space.
Our palletising machine, for example, cleverly combines low-cost procurement with flexibility.

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14/02/2020 | PROVITEC and B&R build automation system at the Wilhelm-Maybach Schule


Industry 4.0 and digitisation for the Wilhelm-Maybach Schule technical college

The high-speed diverter is pivotal. ACOPOStrak is the only advanced, flexible transport system with a high-speed diverter. It enables products to pass from one track circuit to another at full production speed. This opens up entirely new possibilities to make production more flexible. The versatile ACOPOStrak transport system offers complete freedom: arrange track segments to perfectly match your needs. All types of open and closed track circuits can be laid out on a grid.
The shuttles are held in place by permanent magnets and so can be added and removed quickly and easily. With a pit lane in the track layout, changeover and service can be performed highly efficiently with zero downtime. With a diverter, the product flow can be divided, pass through multiple processing stations and then merge further down the line. Cycle times are reduced and productivity increases.

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“With the support of the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Economics, Labor and Housing, the Wilhelm Maybach School in Heilbronn was able to purchase the ACOPOStrak flexible transport system from the Austrian automation company B&R as a teaching system. The system was built and developed by B&R and Provitec from Neuenstadt am Kocher. Now, student technicians are to further develop the system’s software in the form of technician work.

A great project for our learning factory on the topic of digitalization and Industry 4.0. We are very proud of the convincing functionalities.“

Markus Sütterlin, Wilhelm-Maybach School

27/11/2019 | Invitation to Shaoxing (China)


CEO Robert Endress provides training in China

Out of the blue, an invitation suddenly arrived to share information about the German dual school system with interested parties in China.

The Chinese participants wanted to learn about the German dual system for vocational training and how the system could be applied in their context. Other learning objectives included obtaining teaching ideas and finding out about German vocational training methods. They looked at mastery of PLC control technology, MPS technology, bus technology and other vocational skills in the field of mechatronics.

A certificate was provided at the end.

19/07/2019 | 25 years of PROVITEC: Anniversary and customer day

Kundentag – Provitec GmbH25 YEARS OF PROVITEC

A successful celebration with our customers and business partners

On 8 July 2019, PROVITEC marked its 25th anniversary. We can look back on this long period with some pride.

Mayor Nobert Heuser also attended the festivities and gave a speech praising PROVITEC’s positive growth and its importance to Neuenstadt where we are based. After plentiful refreshments, guests were offered a tour of the site. During this there were interesting discussions about the latest and future market trends. The topic of Industry 4.0 was also addressed.

Overall, the anniversary celebrations were a resounding success.

08/06/2019 | Successful appearance at GIFA

Gifa Messe – Provitec GmbHTEST YOUR STRENGTH!

In conjunction with our partner iTAC Software AG.

In addition to presenting our PRODAISI® control software, a ‘test your strength’ game proved to be an attraction on our stand.

A press release was published in the Giesserei magazine about our collaboration and shared objectives:

At GIFA 2019, the partners are showcasing solutions for seamless monitoring and traceability for casting processes as well as AI, IoT/Industry 4.0 concepts. The MES specialist iTAC Software AG and Provitec GmbH, experts in HMI, automation and cell control, are working together. Among other things, the partners are jointly developing smart solutions for the seamless monitoring and documentation of casting processes, down to the unique individual level. Leading companies in the casting industry are already deploying these solutions. iTAC and Provitec are presenting various use cases and future models for Gießerei 4.0 (Foundry 4.0) at GIFA 2019 (25-29 June, Düsseldorf) on stand D64 in hall 13.

16/01/2018 | Euroguss 2018


Appearing jointly with iTAC Software AG for the first time.

PROVITEC GmbH has been working with iTAC Software AG since 2016. In 2018 we decided to exhibit together. Our Rubik’s Cube demo was a small side attraction. Using our PRODAISI® control software a completely mixed-up Rubik’s Cube was solved completely correctly in just a short time. This impressed many visitors to the stand.

A long article about our appearance at the trade show was published in Wirtschaftsstimme under the headline: PROVITEC presents innovative solutions for Industry 4.0 at Euroguss 2018.